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Some twins look alike and have a special bond that is clear for all to see, yet, you get twins that don't even look related and if it wasn't for the fact they share birthdays and parents you would assume they were just good friends who share a surname. R&G Heated grips add months to your motorcycling season and comfort to almost any ride, with easy to install electronics wiring and 5 heat setting adjustments you can optimize the heat output to suit your needs. The footpegs can accordingly be repositioned 25 mm (1 in) forward or backward, and the steering for the reduced reach option extends another inch closer to the seat.

The aim was to create an engine with user-friendly characteristics that ensure the motorcycle is easy to ride, with a smooth power delivery that is responsive to rider inputs at low speed. By keeping the motorcycle narrow, it helps the rider's feet reach the ground more easily.

Mounting the Kawasaki Vulcan S for the first time, one is aware how low it is. With a seat height of 705mm, that is 245mm lower than the seat on my Honda XR650. Braking power comes from a single 300mm disc up front and a 250mm disc at the rear with ABS offered as standard.

Kawasaki offers the bike with ‘Ergo-Fit'; a three-level adjustment for the seat, handlebar and foot pegs, making it suitable for riders of different heights. Together with the compact engine and backbone-style rear frame, the frame's design Comparison creates a package that is slim, low, lightweight and compact.

So there you have it the Interceptor 650 although is a powerful motorcycle compared to their other RE Cruisers but anyone riding it can use all that power making it a fun to ride and daily useable motorcycle. Neither Vulcan S owners I spoke to have experienced this issue, so I think it's safe to say it's been sorted out by Kawasaki on the bikes now.

Having said that, it is a good bike that should satisfy most riders who are specifically after a mid-engined cruiser. The heart of a sportsbike and the comfort of a classic cruiser. With its cruiser appeal, the Vulcan S is long and low, with a wheelbase designed for increased stability at typical highway cruising speeds.

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